Duke vs Michigan State

Paige Little, Staff writer

On March 31, 2019 Michigan State played against Duke. The final score was 68-67 with Michigan State winning.

  This close game ended in Tre Jones collapsed near mid court sobbing in his arms. Michael Rosenberg got the chance to talk to the team after their game. The team shares, “If you weren’t a Duke fan, everyone wanted to see us fail. All the adversity, it made us so close as a group. We all wanted to win so bad, and that’s what hurts so much.”

  For the past several months, Duke (32-6) was the talk of the town. Zion Williamson even caught the attention from Drake and Barack Obama. Zion’s highlights went viral, many people appreciated him since he never forced shots and he was always giving other teammates a chance to score.

  “We knew he was special, but he’s even more special than we realized,” Duke assistant coach Jon Scheyer says. “Right away we just saw his massive talent; who he is as a teammate stood out. He can really shoot too. He can do everything.”

  The team thought that they were going to win the championship so losing to Michigan State left them breathless. However, they will be in the gym constantly working along with their coaching staffs. They will be working harder than they have ever before so that they can come back next year and win the championship.