The Rocket Star

The Rocket Star

2019-2020 Staff

Maizie Ecker

News Editor

Maizie is a sophomore, who likes to write interesting stories that inform and entertain. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and playing field hockey.

Aiden Litteral

Entertainment Editor

Aiden is a junior, with an interest in entertainment and reviews. In his spare time, he performs in a band, and skateboards.

Emily Ramsay

Staff Writer

Emily is a freshman who writes for the newspaper because she enjoys learning about new things as well as writing. Writing is one of her hobbies as well and spend time with her family and friends.

Austin May

Staff Writer

Austin is a freshman who enjoys watching and writing about the NFL.

Carter Zehlius

Staff Writer

Carter is a freshman who enjoys writing and wants to practice the skill. When not writing the newspaper he likes basketball and playing video games.

Gabe Muntz

Staff Writer

Gabe is a freshman who writes for the news paper due to his interests in writing. Outside of the newspaper, he enjoys baseball.

Morgann Figdore

Staff Writer

Morgann is a senior, with an interest in improving her news writing skills. Outside of school, she enjoys watching football and listening to music.

Aiden Fischer

Staff Writer

Aiden is a freshman, who enjoys using writing as a form of expression. Outside of journalism, he can be found playing video games, working at Mcdonalds, or watching Netflix. ESCALERA.

Kody Krawczuk

Staff Writer

Kody is a freshman, with an interest in opinion pieces, current events, and technological advancements. In his spare time, he enjoys looking into the supernatural, baking, and writing autobiographical blurbs in the third-person.  

Owen Shawyer

Staff Writer

  Owen is a freshman, who likes to learn and inform about global topics. In his spare time he plays piano and enjoys skateboarding.   

Hunter Scrivens

Staff Writer

Hunter is a freshman, with an interest in learning how to style and write news articles. Outside of journalism he plays basketball and baseball, as well as video games.

James Reed

Staff Writer

 James is a sophomore who is using the newspaper as an opportunity to improve his writing skills. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games.

Brandon McCauley

Staff Writer

Brandon is a sophomore, who likes writing about sports, primarily football. He also plays football, and lacrosse, with a job at the Hanover Country Club.

Brooke Walker

Staff Writer

Brooke is a sophomore, with an interest in informing people about world events. Outside of journalism, she plays lacrosse, is in York County Dairy club, York County Senior Exchange, and enjoys farming. ...

Skylar Kreider

Staff Writer

Skylar is a sophomore , with a particular interest in typing and writing. Outside of journalism, she is in the SADD club and spends time with friends.

Ashley Snell

Staff Writer

Ashley is a sophomore, interested in someday becoming a journalist. In her free time, she is involved in science olympiad and softball.  

Megan Oravitz

Editor in Chief

Megan is a junior, interested in writing about news and politics, especially at a global scale. In her time outside of journalism, she is a part of the theater department and enjoys listening to music. ...

Zach MacDonald

Opinion Editor

Zach is a sophomore, who likes sharing his opinion with others. Outside of the newspaper, Zach likes to read, play video games such as minecraft, and play baseball.

Jonathan Winchell

Politics Editor

Jon is a junior, who enjoys writing and reading about the news. In his spare time he is an active member of spring grove rocketry and enjoys music.