The Rocket Star

The Rocket Star

2020-2021 Staff

Emily Ramsay

News Editor

Emily is a freshman who writes for the newspaper because she enjoys learning about new things as well as writing. Writing is one of her hobbies as well and spend time with her family and friends.

Patrick Givens

Staff Writer

Patrick is sophomore at Spring Grove High School who writes for The Rocket Star because he strives for the truth in journalism. Outside of journalism, he enjoys watching the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League and...

Natasha Berrier

Staff Writer

Natasha is a sophomore at Spring Grove Area High School. She like journalism because she likes writing and feels like when she's writing her mind can go off to wherever she wants. Some things she loves to do outside of school...

Peyton Shellenberger

Staff Writer

Peyton is a freshman who joined the paper due to her interest in writing. She also enjoys art, video games, and cats.

Campbell Toth

Staff Writer

Campbell is a sophomore interested in journalism in the pursuit of information. He has an affinity for sports and all fields of science, but is most interested in biology and anything space related.

Marcus Noel

Staff Writer

Marcus is a freshman interested in journalism for the current events aspect. While not in journalism his other interests are art and video games.

Kaylee Rohrbaugh

Staff Writer

Kaylee is a freshman who joined journalism because writing is one of her two passions. She loves to write and go deep in detail. Her other passion is creating art.

Laci Speer

Staff Writer

Laci is a freshman who joined journalism because she likes to write. She spends most of her time writing and going on runs.

Alexis Martz

Staff Writer

Alexis is a freshman, interested in writing informative pieces. Outside of school, she likes listening to music and photography.

Samson Ward

Staff Writer

Samson is a senior and joined journalism because of his interest in reading and writing. He enjoys reading articles about different topics and learning, as well as video games.

Racheal Fadare

Staff Writer

Racheal is a freshman that enjoys writing about topics that are important to her. Outside of the newspaper, she likes shopping, track, and playing soccer.

Ashley Snell

Sports and Entertainment Editor

Ashley is a junior returning to journalism, who is excited to see where writing takes her. She plays softball and is on then science Olympiad team.

Megan Oravitz

Editor in Chief

Megan is a senior, interested in writing about news and politics, especially at a global scale. In her time outside of journalism, she is a part of the theater department and enjoys listening to music. ...