NFL International Game Schedule Released

Gabe Vastardis, Writer

As the off-season continues in the NFL, the schedule for the upcoming season is being prepared to be released. While the full schedule has now been released, the International games have been released, which has caused a spark in the NFL Community.


The first three international games take place in England, one in London and two in Tottenham. History will be made during the first two, as the Jaguars will be the first team to play back to back games in London. The games will be against the Falcons and the Bills, which should be two very exciting games.


The third game is between the Ravens and the Titans, a game that has held historical value the past couple years in the playoffs. The Ravens are coming off of a great offseason, and the Titans seem to be in an odd situation with their team.


The last two both take place in Frankfurt, the first between the Dolphins and Chiefs, and the second between the Colts and Patriots. The first game in Germany is one of the most anticipated games of the year, as both the Dolphins and Chiefs are teams that could end up in the Super Bowl. The other are between the Colts and the Patriots, which is definitely a less anticipated game, as both teams are not expected to live up to expectations this year.