Junior Achievement: Real World Skills

Juniors learn how to face the world


Millie Haper, Editor in Chief

On Tuesday, Oct 30, all juniors left class after period two to attend a day-long event. This event would teach them budgeting, career paths, and a new way to look at their futures. Called Junior Achievement Real Life, it was described as a financial literacy forum.

  Junior Cassidy Meyering described the events: “We spend half the day playing games, and half the day budgeting.”

    The games included the Game of Life, the Price is Right, Jeopardy, and a version of Family Feud. All of these games had a twist: teaching students and testing their knowledge of real world skills, like budgeting and insurance.

  “It is all really to learn about real life,” Meyering said.

  The second half of the day would be spent budgeting. Students were given imaginary scenarios that resemble real situations, and then were taught how to budget these situations as to not go bankrupt.

  Meyering told TRS “It is a really fun learning experience.”