Student Spotlight: Lucas Buhrman


Jaelyn Tucker

One of the many students in Spring Grove area High School who deserve recognition for their hard work and achievements. This student has been Musician of the Month, is widely known at the school, and is involved in more than one could imagine, Lucas Buhrman. Involved in Choir, Orchestra, Band, and all theater productions, he has made himself widely known through his talents and performances. Using these talents, he has placed in competitive musical settings, making districts for orchestra, placing second in the Region choir, placing first in the All-State Vocal Jazz group, and singing in the county choir. As for theater, he has participated in every theater production here with a leading or supporting role since his freshman year and has participated in every musical at school, plus some in public theaters, since his fifth grade year.

I conducted an interview with him that explained in detail some of his activities.


How long have you been in any type of music group?

I have been formally in orchestra since I was 8, band since I was 9, theater since I was 10, and choir since I was ten, but my mom started me on voice when I was only 1 or 2, so singing has always been a part of my life.”


What was your latest performance you’ve been in and how do you get ready for a character in any productions?

“ My most recent performance was in Annie at Spring Grove Area High School and when preparing for a role, I always take a good look at the lines not just to memorize them, but to see how the character acts and reacts to things. It allows me to better develop motions and correct minor mistakes easier.”


What has been your favorite character that you’ve played so far?

“My favorite character to play was Colin Craven from the Secret Garden. It was the first role that I played, and the entire experience was absolutely amazing.”


How long have you been in singing groups apart of the school and outside of the school and how do you prepare for a concert?

“I have been singing in groups with the school since second grade and outside of school since probably around 4 or 5 years old and For a concert, it is all in the practice. Notes, dynamics, accents, and any other markings in the music. After all of that, the thing to focus on is, “what does this piece mean, what does the composer really want?” If you can figure that out, you are well on your way to a great performance.”


What has been your favorite song that you have sang?

“ I have a couple. As a soloist, I absolutely love Evermore from Beauty and the Beast, but as a choral singer, I absolutely love the Music of Stillness by Elaine Hagenberg. The message in the Music of Stillness, in combination with the flow of the music, make it the perfect piece. I definitely recommend giving it a listen!”


What instruments do you play?

“ In band, I play the flute, in orchestra I play the violin”

How long have you been doing these instruments?


“I have been playing in band since 4th grade and I have been playing in orchestra since 3rd grade.”


What has been your favorite song to play in these groups?

My favorite band piece to play is actually a piece we are working on right now; Pilatus, Mountain of Dragons. This piece is incredible, in how it brings many emotions and themes, and how it builds throughout. My favorite piece to perform in orchestra was the Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber. This piece brings out sad emotions through it’s famous melancholy themes which have appeared in many war films, including the award winning Platoon. 


Overall, Lucas is an all-around student, and he shows it too. He is flexible enough to fit in and make time for all of the events he gets called to do, maintain friendships, stay up to date on any schoolwork, and still has time to practice and work toward his future goals.