Jaden Rice Feature Article

As a student at Spring Grove High, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved in some way. For some, they chose to get involved in clubs like the big buddy club or the history club. For others, they chose to be outgoing and “the life of the party” wherever they go. 

But many students choose a third option, and that’s to participate in sports for the school. And Jaden Rice has done just that as a wrestler. When asked about why he decided to become a wrestler for the school in the first place, his response was clear, “All my brothers wrestled so I decided to wrestle.” 

As an athlete, you have to have a sense of dedication to never give up and to never leave your sport in order to be successful. When Jaden was asked how long he has been wrestling, his answer shows that he has dedication to wrestling, “I’ve been wrestling since kindergarten. So 12 years.”

Regardless of whether you’re an athlete or not, everyone has memorable experiences about almost everything. It’s a way for us as people to improve our moods and to connect with others. For Jaden, he has a memorable experience from his time wrestling, “When I broke my nose and my nose was underneath my eye and I finished the match. I didn’t win but then I wrestled again and won.” 

Before games or matches, some athletes have rituals that they do because they believe that if they don’t do them, then things aren’t going to go well during their game or match. When I asked Jaden about this, I thought that he would say yes, but to my surprise, Jaden’s answer was, “No, I don’t have or do any rituals before matches.” 

As my final question, I asked Jaden that with all the experience that he has gained over the years as a wrestler, if there was anything that he would tell his younger self if he ever got the chance to and Jaden’s answer I think is something everyone can relate to in someway or another, “To actually take it seriously at a younger age.” 

As a student at Spring Grove High, everyone has an opportunity to show off a skill that they have and for Jaden Rice, wrestling is his passion and it has been his passion for 12 years. As he gets closer to graduating high school and his wrestling career coming to an end, he has shown that he is dedicated and passionate to wrestling and because of that, I think everyone should be proud of everything he has accomplished, I know I certainly am.