Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags

Kyley Roach, Writer associate editor

Apple AirTags has been quite popular since mid-2021, used to track lost devices or belongings. They are very useful but can be just as dangerous!

Apple AirTags are small white circles used to easily track your belongings if they are lost. To use an Apple AirTag you just simply add it to your keychain or place it into a belonging, then connect the AirTag to your phone and give it a name. If you lose the item your AirTag is connected to, then it should send a signal to your find my app and you will be able to track it!

A Washington Post tech named Geoffrey Fowler said this about the AirTags “That’s super handy if you maybe lose keys in the park and you need to find them again,”

As good as Apple AirTags are at tracking your belongings they are just as good at tracking people! An AirTag could simply be placed on your person or into your belongings by someone else and they could later track your location, and may result in danger!

To prevent AirTags from being pinged to your device simply disable location or the AirTag and the owner can no longer see your location!

A woman in Georgia had been alerted by her phone that an apple AirTag that does not belong to her had been tracked with her! When the cops came and talked to the woman the AirTag was found placed in her gas tank. Several other videos have been put on social media of AirTags being found on cars mostly belonging to women. The AirTags have been found taped to the bottom of the car, in the bumper, or where the tire is!