The victim with a very good description of killer

Cody Luce, Writer

Richard Anderson called the police saying he was shot in February 1997 in Fishkill, New York. 

47 year old Richard Anderson who was an assistant superintendent at Valley Central School District was driving home from work when the incident occurred. Around 6pm on Feb. 5, 1997 he was driving in rush hour traffic along eastbound interstate 84 in Fishkill, New York. Richard was sideswiped by another vehicle. Richard and the other person pulled over on the side of the road about ⅕ mile from exit 12, around 2 miles past the Newburgh-Beacon toll plaza. Richard and the other man began yelling at each other. After a heated argument Richard asked for the mans license. The man then out of nowhere pulled out a gun and shot Richard once in the chest. The man left the scene heading eastbound. Richard survived the shot and returned to his car where he dialed 911. He described the accident and the shooting to the dispatcher. The ambulance got there and took him to the hospital where he later passed away. Richard described the man as 6’ tall, very thin, with a receding hairline, having a thin nose, glasses, and a beard. The vehicle model was a late 1997 Jeep Cherokee-type, sport, and it was a green colored car. The vehicle had New Hampshire license plates that had green letters and numbers on a white background. Investigators checked hundreds of similar cars but were unable to find the killer’s car. They thought the killer was potentially part of law enforcement.