SM Global Audtions


Jaelyn Tucker, Design Editor

SM Entertainment in 2023 announced that they will be opening up (2023 SM Global Audition). No matter your race or ethnicity, you can audition to be a part of a group or soloist. You can audition for the following, Vocal, Rap, Dance, and Acting if you are born between 2004 and 2012. 

SM hasn’t opened auditions on such a large scale since before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. With such a big audition happening, many people are bound to apply from all over the world. The way to apply is as followed:

  • Register by clicking to apply.
  • Fill in all the boxes and upload a photo of your upper body to an oriented face without using a correction app, plus a video that showcases your talent. 
  • Ideally, the video should be less than a minute long.
  • Participants should avoid wearing hats, sunglasses, lenses or heavy make-up in their photo or video.
  • The video should feature clear audio.
  • Add a website/profile link in the URL section.

With this info, if you think the life of an idol suits you, then joining might not be a bad idea.