Christmas Gifts

Bailey O, Writer

Christmas is very important to millions around the world and gift giving is a very important tradition during the holidays. To some, the greatest gift is silence while to another the best gift could be a doll or a toy truck. A member of the Spring Grove Journalism class interviewed students and teachers and asked what they wanted for Christmas this year.

An anonymous student said, “I could use a laptop to watch movies while I’m not home, I travel a lot with my parents and I like to keep up with my favorite anime shows.”

Some want devices, toys, makeup, or a new car for Christmas while others want something that seems much more simple to those that can easily access a calm home, or food on the table.

An anonymous teacher said, “I was thinking and I don’t need any physical item, the most I want is peace in my household – it can be hectic there.”

This goes to show that some value gifts and things while others value what some might call “the little things” yet these little things may not be so little to some.

This holiday season when you receive a gift whether it be a handwritten letter or an iPad be grateful and cherish the moments you get to have that come along with the gifts.