What happened to Amazon drones?

Kyley Roach, Writer, editor

Amazon drone delivery started testing in 2013 but did not succeed at delivery until 2016. The goal was to increase safety and efficiency in the transportation network, but not much has happened since then. What happened to Amazon drones?

Amazon has been working for almost a decade trying to deliver packages quicker, safer, and more cost-efficiently! The answer is drones.

Dozens of Amazon drones have been made in hopes that they will safely deliver packages all over the world!

Lockeford, California, will be the first to receive drone delivery.

When asked what her thoughts were on amazon drone delivery, Sasha Keller said “it could be very beneficial, but it could put people out of work!“

The hope for Amazon drones is they will deliver small packages under five pounds in less than an hour.

Citizens in Lockeford have expressed concerns about drones, saying that the drones crashing could cause major issues, over seven drones have crashed and failed!