Veterans Day in the Spring Grove Community

Kyley Roach

Spring Grove celebrated Veterans Day this year for almost a full week! The week included a “Walk of Heroes” and a ceremony thanking our veterans and remembering the ones we have lost in the war.
Windy Hill campus held a ceremony to thank our veterans for their service on October 9, 2022. Windy Hill has over 250 members in its community who have served in the Armed Forces! The ceremony included a presentation of flags and the Pledge of Allegiance. After there was a recognition of the veterans singing then a closing prayer and a moment of silence for those we have lost.
source was quoted as saying, “Veterans day is so important, it allows us to praise our heroes for everything they do, and we can remember the ones that we lost.”
The school’s Walk of Heroes took place on the track, students and teachers could take time out of their day and come down to the track to walk laps for our heroes for however long! Along the fence of the track pictures, descriptions, and names of heroes that attended or taught at the school district were displayed!
During the walk of heroes, there was refreshment offered for veterans and teachers, the students also got a rubber band for each lap they walked. Though the weather wasn’t the best and it was very cold out everyone enjoyed the walk!