Black Friday

Marlee Klinedinst

Every year, Black Friday is held on the day after Thanksgiving. This day is marked for the start of Christmas shopping. On this day, many different stores offer cheaper prices and elongated hours. Mr. Richards explains it best  when he says “It’s good for the economy because then people spend their money on goods that are made.” He also states “It also makes kids happy for Christmas or other holidays.” When he says this he is explaining that it is not just good for parents that it’s also enjoyable for children.
There are many different pros and cons of Black Friday, to start off some of the pros include sales, generating returns, and even an opportunity to clear stock before Christmas. Many families also enjoy making memories while shopping. This also means it’s not just for the adults, the children love it too. While most people love Black Friday there still are some cons which include many places being packed with shoppers, which can lead to traffic, anxiety, and no parking.