Phones: Beneficial or Not?

Jayla Mahone

The big debate is whether phones are good or bad in the world. Phones today versus back 20 years ago are definitely not the same. 20 years ago we had phone booths and a pager for when someone tried to reach you it would page you telling you someone was trying to reach you.

In today’s world we now have iPhones or smartphones that we can hold in our hand while we do our daily life. But, are the phones we have now benefitting us? These phones may be convenient but they are also distracting. The average person pays more attention to their phone than their work or schooling. This is why most children or even adults put their work or even family functions beside. This little object does more bad than you may think. The phone is helpful for calls and messages for important reasons but, have you ever thought of how this object can affect others in a negative or positive way? This device can cause more bullying and depression which could lead to suicides. But, this device could help cure depression and anxiety or even get a message about someone not doing well to you faster and more efficiently.  There are many ways phones can be used – good or bad. This may help others not feel as lonely or sad but, as may make a person angry and upset for what they may see or hear on their cellular device. Maybe this device could be best if you use it in moderation. Such as for a phone call or text not while you are doing work or other important things. This way you can spend more time with loved ones than your cell phone.