Spring Grove Cheerleading

Spring Grove School District has a Cheerleading team for all schools in the District. The High School Varsity Cheerleading team has a lot of talent and friendships within the team. The team treats each other not only as friends and teammates but as a family too. One coach on the team who has made the girls feel better about their sport and themselves is Coach Gruzs. She has shown and taught the athletes on the team how to love and respect not only themselves and others, but their sport too. A lot of people may think cheerleading is not a sport and that is easy but they never actually tried it. Cheer takes time and dedication but also an ability to remember and prepare for a loss or victory. The stunts and abilities that go into cheerleading is more work than other sports. The stunts performed on the Spring Grove cheerleading team at the high school consist of flips and lifts. The cheer team is a way of showing off the school and getting the crowd pepped up. The girls get two days to prepare for the cheers then go to the game. In the fall they travel all on a bus to each game. In the winter all the games are held at the high school and they cheer on the bleachers. The skirts do seem to be very short and a lot of the girls said that the sleeves are uncomfortable on their uniforms. They also have said that their uniforms are hard to take off. The girls all seem to match from white shoes to the same uniform to the cute bow in their hair. The high school cheer team is a very wonderful group of girls.