SG Color Guard

Jaelyn Tucker

Have you ever been to a football game and seen the marching band? Flags flying through the air, sabres cutting through the air, and rifles flying? A skill not too many people have or know about, Color Guard! It’s easy and fun to learn and it’s even better when you learn new tricks to show off to your friends. 

Outdoor and indoor color guard are two types you can do. Outdoor is a color guard group that is with the marching band and performs outside for marching band shows. Indoor is a color guard group that usually performs indoors and does competitions with routines. There are pros and cons of both, but overall they both use dance, flags, sabres, swing flags, rifles and sometimes you can find some batons in there and really the mix varies.

There is a color guard club for people who don’t want to do the team, but still learn. It’s a club and a sport that is always worth trying!