Twelve Angry Jurors


Jaelyn Tucker

Come out November 18th, 19th, and 20th to see “The Twelve Angry Jurors” live in Roughbaugh auditorium. The play is about 12 jurors coming together to talk about if a 19 year old boy should go to death row. As the jurors continue to prove points and vote guilty or not guilty, they start to expose their true forms.


Judge: Samantha S.

Foreman: Kendall B.

Juror #2: Amberle M.

Juror #3: Lucca V.

Juror #4: Lucas B.

Juror #5: Katie W.

Juror #6: Gavin M

Juror #7: Jaelyn T.

Juror #8: Chela M.

Juror #9: Abby M.

Juror #10: Nathan A.

Juror #11: Adalise T.

Juror #12: Caleb S.

These students worked really hard on it and hope to put on a play everyone would love to watch!