Field of Screams: Den of Darkness Review

Kyley Roach, Writer, editor

The Spring Grove High School Journalism team visited the Field of Screams on October 20, 2022. The visit included experiencing their four attractions and getting  all of the behind the scenes on the attractions and actors! Here’s all you need to know about the Den Of Darkness.

The Den of Darkness starts with super squishy and wobbly floors that make it hard to walk, a great start to the experience. All throughout the haunted place are dead bodies hanging from the roof and on the walls, there are even dead pigs that people have to walk through. Walking through the Den of Darkness visitors will find a garden but not a pretty one. This garden has a swing with a really creepy girl swinging from it who jumps at the vulnerable guests. There is also a dead body stuck in the vine of the garden. Other things in the Den of Darkness include a room full of spiders, a super small dark closet full of clothes to walk through, not the best choice for those that are claustrophobic. There is a super tiny crawl space that one enters by crawling into a fireplace!

The Journalism team and the videography team got to the Field of Screams and were getting interviews from the scarers and behind the scenes of the attractions.

The workers did not seem to be happy, in fact some were curt with the interviewers being in their way and distracting the other workers. This was probably due to the fact that they might have been uninformed that the teams were coming, but it also could be because these workers are volunteering their time and they do not get paid.

While walking through the Den of Darkness one out the team members had her eyes closed the whole time only opening them when she was being both pulled up and dragged down steps. She was being pulled down by one of the workers who was rubbing her hair saying how much she liked it and tickling her while her friends were trying to pull her up the stairs because the was crying and laughing on the ground! Other members of the teams could not stop screaming!