Nonstick Pans Reviewed

Cody Luce, Writer

Nonstick pans are a good and easy way to cook foods. Without them cooking would be boring and hard. Having to put butter on everything before cooking your eggs and other foods that stick very easily to the pan would be annoying, and not having to put it in your sink and fill it with water to get the residue off the pan makes it easier to wash. Nonstick makes cooking fun and easy.

By far the greatest Nonstick is the “Zwilling Madura Plus”. The Madura Plus has amazing ratings in the high 4.5s and 5s. The pan comes in many sizes so you can get the perfect size you need for any job. The prices for the pans are cheap for a 10-INCH, NON-STICK, ALUMINUM FRY PAN for $70 is fairly cheap for one of the best Non Sticks in the world.        Tests made for Madura plus include cooking eggs on their pans and pancakes and the tests showed that it slid off like butter.

The All Clad 4110 NS R2 Non stick Fry Pan is a Nonstick pan that  is a great pan to use, but one thing that makes this pan not as good as the Zwilling Nonstick is its price: the pan is $185 dollars. So it’s 100 hundred dollars more than the Zwilling. The best thing about this pan is it is easy to clean and the heat distribution is great. Although the All Clad is very expensive it is just as good as the Zwilling.

Zwilling says that “it’s cool to use metal utensils on the nonstick surface, but I use a rubber spatula when I whip up scrambled eggs”.

The GreenPan Paris Pro, The Green Pan is a ceramic pan that is both cheap and good to use. It’s ratings are amazing and In the high 4s. It has quick heating and has a thick forged aluminum body. The GreenPan is dishwasher safe and good on every stovetop except induction stovetops.