The Haunted Hayride

Jayla Mahone, Associate editor

The Field of Screams is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This haunted place is home to four frightening attractions. The Frightmare Asylum, the Nocturnal Wasteland, the Den of Darkness, and The Haunted Hayride. These attractions go on mainly during the Halloween season but open up on special occasions too.

The Haunted Hayride at the Field of Screams is an attraction that was opened in 1993 by Gene and Jim, two brothers who own and had created The Field of Screams. Some people may say the Hayride is the scariest but, others find this attraction to be scary but not the scariest one. The Haunted Hayride has multiple different areas enclosed by garage doors for the ultimate thrill. As the attraction goes on you are not allowed to touch the actors but, they are allowed to touch you. The actors may or may not have props to touch you with. It is on you to find out what happens next once the doors close. The Haunted Hayride has chainsaws, dead animal props, and much more. The actors will use your fear against you. The more you scream the more they come after you. The more you act like you are not afraid is how they get your heart racing its way out the door. The Hayride is definitely an attraction you do not want to go in after you eat. None of the attractions you really want to go in straight after you eat. Some people get so scared they get sick or even punch the actors. Their actors at the Field of screams do this for fun not money. The actors here do not get paid and if they do it is very little, not even enough to pay for their gas. They do this for the thrill and the screams they hear. These actors are interns that come after school or during their day if they do not have school. Now this all sounds fun but this acting and scaring is actually very hard to do; not only the hours it takes to get ready but this is also very hard on the actors mental health. That is why the customers should be careful what they say not only around kids but the actors too. In conclusion, The Haunted Hayride is a very thrilling attraction at The Field of Screams to go on and enjoy or act just be careful what you do or you might just have a clown next to you.