The Asylum

Jaelyn Tucker

The Field of Screams, located in Lancaster, PA, is a haunted park with four attractions that are all frightening. Some of the fright doesn’t have to be in a specific attraction such as The Asylum. It can linger around the park as you walk, one of them being somebody who chases you with a chainsaw around the park and can go into the parking lot.

One of the attractions that the park houses is The Asylum. A haunted building with jump scares, flashing lights, loud sounds, and steep stairs. In The Asylum, there are multiple rooms that you’re surrounded by and walking through. One room is a room that is completely black and white and has flashing strobe lights all around it. Multiple other rooms represent a doctor’s office or a hospital that involves a patient. There is nowhere to hide when you’re being chased by people with chainsaws or being pulled down the steep stairs at every corner.

After being asked what the setting is like being in The Asylum, an actor/makeup artist who wishes to be anonymous responded with, “It’s definitely very hectic, everyone is pretty crazy, but it’s a lot of fun.” 

A family that was just arriving and waiting for the park to open exclaimed how they felt about the park, “We bought tickets for all of it, cause we want to see it all and do it all… I think we are going to do the Asylum first.” And after we asked which attraction this family thinks will be the most worth it they responded, “I think the Asylum, that’s what we are putting our money on.”

Brooklyn Stough, a laid back and easy-to-talk-to employee who works at the costume counter, and acts as an actor in the Den of Darkness, talks about her favorite attraction, “Ever since I have been here I have always been in Den, always, but I think like overall, I’ve always loved Asylum.” Brooklyn also happily tells us about why she enjoys her job, “Really I have always loved spooky stuff, ever since I was little. So I kind of got drawn into it and then ever since I was younger I loved doing makeup and because I get to come here and learn professionally, I love doing it, it just makes me happy.” She also agreed with surrounding workers that The Asylum’s managers were “The best manager on site” that another employee stated with confidence.

Brooklyn gave more information about some of the things that go down within multiple attractions and her own, the Den of Darkness. After being asked if the actors ever scare each other, she replied with, “There’s days where attractions go through other attractions, so we go out and just scare the actors. Sometimes I will walk into another room and purposefully scare them.” 

Other actors all around the building where people got ready pitched in with smaller comments about how they enjoyed scaring and being scared, the processes of getting ready, and the reactions they get out of guests. Experiencing it myself being scared, and scaring I can honestly say, it’s true I see where it gets the top scaring attraction in the nation from and is a place I would recommend everyone to go check out for a good scare and a good time.