Halloween Ends Review

Gabe Vastardis, Writer

On October 14th, 2022, Jason Blum released Halloween Ends, the third movie in the new Halloween trilogy. While many did not enjoy the way the movie turned out, there were also many who liked that there was change in the movie.

IMDb rated the film a 5/10, and many of the reviews under the website were not very positive. Many of the reviews gave Halloween Ends a very low score, such as a 2/10 or even a 1/10. While there is mainly hatred being thrown at the trilogy film, there are occasionally very good reviews. Some people enjoy the new aspect of these Halloween movies, and how the movie goes into a deeper meaning on what is happening. That can be said for those rating the movie highly, but those rating it poorly have nothing but bad to say.

In one of the user reviews, which was given a 1/10 rating, the user says, “There’s no point in reviewing this garbage fire, suffice to say Halloween 3 Season of the Witch was a masterpiece compared to this horrendous send off to a character that was at one time an icon of the horror genre.” While most may not understand the reference to Halloween 3, that movie completely went off of the script in the first two Halloween movies, and it is now being said that Halloween Ends, which still has Jamie Lee Curtis who was in the first Halloween, is worse than Halloween 3.

On the bright side, there were people who surprisingly gave high ratings. In one of the rate 10/10 reviews, the user goes into a very long explanation about how this is the perfect end to the trilogy, and that they loved the acting in this film.

While most have disgust for the movie, and wish the Halloween movies could go back to the old days, there are a select few that truly enjoy the way the iconic series has come to an end.