Climate Change Impacting Storms

Aubrey Misner, Editor in Chief

You have probably been wondering how climate change has really affected the world. Now
if the Titanic was to set to sea we would not have to worry about any icebergs on the journey
because we already melted them. So then with this happening climate change has affected us in
many ways, which includes drought causing harm to humans and animals because water is a
necessary need for all living things. This could also affect the produce of the world. Things
will not grow as much and slower causing changes in the world. Another example is flooding. It
could spread diseases and ruin people’s homes. The greenhouse effect which means the warming
effects when the world takes the heat radiating from earth toward space. All living things depend
on energy that comes from the sun. About 90% of the heat that is absorbed by the greenhouse
gases the re- radiated slows the process of the least load to space.

ABC News on September 28, 2022 at 9:33 PM states how climate change intensifies
hurricanes. Scientists said that “The intensity of these storms will increase as the earth’s climate
warms.” The NOAA reported that this means stronger winds, heavier rain, awful
storms, and that the sea levels will rise. “In the Gulf of Mexico the waters aren’t that deep,” says Ryan
Truchelut. This could also mean that sea levels are going to be rising which increases coastal
flooding and the air like the moisture around the world will cause more intense rain when the
hurricanes cause more trauma and or damage.

But how do we know that climate change is a real thing? While the earth’s climate has changed throughout the years there have been about eight cycles of ice ages and warmer periods. And we can blame this warming activity on humans and
it’s rising at a rate where they have never seen before. The warmth of the earth has warmed the
atmosphere, ocean, and land, and widespread and rapid changes in these environments as well.
On Los Angeles Times September 28, 2022 at 5 AM, it states how climate change is fueling
extreme raising tempers along with temperatures. It states that, “ignoring that growing fury is just as dangerous and foolish as
ignoring rising temperatures themselves.” Meaning that there’s a point in this time where it
becomes impossible for the environment to cool down. With climate change rising it has added
10% more rain to hurricane Ian, studies from the article from TIME on September 28, 2022
at 9:43pm found. This is affecting Florida as the world is warmer it makes storms rainier. Kerry
Emanuel has stated this was, “this business above very very heavy rain is something we’ve
expected to see because of climate change,” he said. “Well see more storms like Ian”. This helps
us understand the importance of hurricanes getting worse and becoming more deadly. So some of
the effects of this change in the atmosphere: glaciers and ice sheets are shrinking, river and lake
ice is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges are shifting and then the trees and plants are
growing sooner.
So what can we do to fix it or is it too late we’ll never be able to go back where it was
before? We can try and prevent it from getting worse. In conclusion climate change has really
affected the world causing droughts causing harm to the animals and humans. The produce of
growing the world needs food which is a necessary need for life. The flooding which could
spread diseases throughout and cause harm to the homes. Climate change will depend on
humans. With more greenhouses will increase to extremes and widespread damaging effects
across our planet. But these effects will depend on the total amount of carbon dioxide that gets
polluted into the world. So if we try to avoid that at all costs we may be able to reduce and avoid
some of the worst effects. We’ll never be able to go back where it was before but we can stop to
not make it any worse it’s all about us changing it.