“Fun” Halloween Costumes

Spring Grove’s “Fun” Halloween Costumes

Jaelyn Tucker, Design Editor

As Halloween rolls up around the corner, many people think about what they want to dress up as or need ideas whether it’s for an event, trick or treating, or just for fun. Some students at Spring Grove High School had some ideas to share in case you don’t have any leads. After conducting interviews here were some of the responses:

“I think I’m going to be a big banana,” Jorge Caraballo says.

 “A dead nurse,” Emily Ramsay suggests.

“A deer.” Miakoda Young says, going for a matching costume idea, “Someone will dress up as a hunter to match,” she adds.

Abby Murren comes up with, “A sleep deprived teenager,” and her friend Cadence McCandless mentions that she wished to be, “A passing AP stats student.”

Kayden Riggin excitedly exclaimed that he wanted to dress up as, “A scorpion.”

A person wishing to remain anonymous mentioned that they weren’t planning on dressing up for Halloween this year, but if they were to they would have been, “The Greek Goddess Persephone or someone from the movie Grown Ups.”

Another anonymous person mentioned that they wanted to dress as an, “Amish Girl.”

There were many other ideas that were repeated such as a cat, a witch, a ghost, and so forth. Spring Grove High School has some interesting ideas for what to be for Halloween and maybe some of these ideas can help you figure out what you want to be if you dress up as well.