Pizza Fridays

Kyley roach, Writer

Students at Spring Grove School District are getting sick of pizza Fridays every Friday.

Students have had pizza Fridays every week for at least 10 years and students are kind of getting annoyed with it. Pizza is great and it’s easy to make, but after having it over and over again for so long it gets old. Students have expressed their frustrations about this but it’s only ever to their peers. When they tell teachers about how they don’t like pizza anymore it’s not so much telling the teachers, it’s more of complaining about it and teachers don’t like to hear students complain about things! Students understand that it’s difficult to come up with meals each day that all the students can have and will enjoy. A lot of students have allergies and can’t have certain foods so the meal planner has to come up with alternatives that students can have and it’s not always the easiest. Trying to accommodate over 300 students is very stressful and the students are very grateful for the cafeteria staff and meal planners.

When asked, student Jayden Foster said “the pizza isn’t that good… I think it‘s overrated!”. Another source said “I don’t eat the school’s pizza, maybe that’ll tell you something.” The school pizza is not that good and could use a little more flavor!

Students have come up with alternatives to pizza Fridays! Some students say we should do pizza Friday every other Friday so we still have pizza but it’s not on the same day and it gives the students who enjoy pizza something to look forward to! Others suggest we have more options for pizza at lunch such as Hawaiian pizza or buffalo chicken! Another good option could be getting delivered pizza from places such as Dominos or Papa John’s.

Pizza isn’t the only school meal students don’t like, the school’s pulled pork barbecue isn’t a favorite either. There however are some lunches that the students enjoy! A survey taken on the Spring Grove Rocket Star says that the top three favorites are ham and cheese on a pretzel roll, shrimp poppers, and cheese sticks.