How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is breaking international law

Cody Luce, Writer

The current attack on Ukraine by Russia breaks article 2(4) which says that force is prohibited in international states probably to make it where another world war doesn’t happen.

Russian officials’ use of force is justified in article 51 which grants the right of self-defense if one of the United Nations is attacked. The weird thing is that Ukraine did not attack the Russians. Even if the Russians did get attacked by Ukraine they still are breaking Article 51. Russia’s interest in taking back Ukraine was unlawful because Ukraine’s independence was granted on August 24 1991 after the Russian revolution

Russia’s actions seem to be a replay of Crimea in 2014. Even though very few UN members are probably going to recognize them as independent states. Some experts think that so-called secession is allowed as a last resort because the people suffered grave human rights abuses because of the state government.

The security council voted 11-1 to oppose the 3 members on a resolution telling the un general assembly to hold an emergency session to consider Russia’s actions

Russia misinterpreted the genocide convention to prove the Ukraine invasion. Aggression for which the ICC does not have jurisdiction for nonparties.
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