Opinion: School Food

Jayla Mahone, Assitant Editor

It is well known that many schools have breakfast and lunch served. But, the food at Spring Grove Area High School is not so tasty. The lunch ladies do a great job serving the food and heating the food up. They even do a great job making sure it is prepared and okay for everyone to eat. But, most of the students at Spring Grove believe their food could taste a little more appetizing or look better.

Most kids say the cinnamon bagels and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch pastry are one of the best options. Others say the bacon egg and cheese or sausage egg and cheese sandwiches are the best. Therefore, it is hard to accommodate each student. But maybe there could be a little more value in the students’ food.

Students were surveyed about what food they believed the school could serve that would be healthier or had great taste. One student who was interviewed was Jaelyn Tucker. She believed the school food should have larger portions and more food for the students who have the school’s ninth period lunch. Jae stated “Especially the students in ninth lunch definitely get the short end of the stick.” Most students agree with this statement. Some children do pay attention and see how little food the school had left for the other students. Others stated that some students who were at the back of the line or even in the middle of the line got very little to no food.

Jae also had stated that the breakfast foods were not as nutritious as the children need in order to stay fit and healthy. She said “Most of the food has a lot of sugar and calories in…and that most of the breakfast food that was sugary was mainly made with chocolate in it.” But, why does Spring Grove serve chocolatey, sugary things if the reason they do not want to add a food vending machine is because of the amount of sugar the children will consume?

Brooke Herr also shared her thoughts on the school food in Spring Grove Area High School. She stated “I do not have a problem with the school food, I mean I don’t like some foods but overall it’s not horrible.” Brooke went on to say how she enjoys Johnny Marzetti and the wide variety the school served. She then said some foods she didn’t like such as the fish sticks and how the chicken pot pie doesn’t taste as good as it used to be. She even came up with an idea that the school should set out shakers of powdered sugar for kids who want more on their funnel cake because she believes they do not add enough sugar.

This shows that the school may not be able to accommodate every student but they do accommodate a vast majority of the students. But, what about the teachers? They have an opinion about the school food too. Mrs. Brenner, a teacher who helps students with learning disabilities stated, “From what I have tried from the food here at school it is not bad; the lunch ladies do a great job with how it is prepared on time. They could make it taste a little better but overall it is pretty good.” Mrs. Brenner also stated that she loved the idea of a salad bar because it gave the school a healthier option. She also said that she thinks the ham and cheese sandwiches are delicious and one of their best items.