Cons of Homework

Bailey O, Writer

Homework first originated in 1905, by an Italian teacher named Roberto Nevilis. Homework was first just a concept of punishment in schools and now has become a normal thing in our society.

To me homework is very unnecessary, we are at school all day and pretty much get limited time at home with our families just to have to do more school work when you get home. This is what some students at spring grove area high school had to say about this.

“It helps us in some cases but sometimes its like…over-packed,” states Jaden Foster.

“It’s okay as long as it’s not excessive like most the time it’s just too much. I mean you can give us homework but don’t swamp me with work when I already have 11 other classes to do,” says Cameron Murphy Ortiz.

Students here at Spring Grove Area High School are okay with homework, it’s just the amount of homework and the fact that teachers aren’t taking into account that kids are in sports and have 10 other classes to catch up on.

Homework can be beneficial to our learning, but I, as well as the student as Spring Grove High School can agree that occasionally not having homework is a great thing.