Friday Night Football Games in Spring Grove

3 things you should know about Spring Grove Rocket Football

Marlee Klinedinst, Social Media Editor

There are 3 things you should know about Spring Grove Rocket Football: First, there are a lot of hard working people that make the football game successful, including staff, coaches, referees, and more. Second, every football game has tons of support, including family, friends, the student section and more. Third, most of these players learned sportsmanship at a young age.

The hard working people behind the games’ successes are essential. These people work hard with no recognition for their work. It would not be possible for our school to do these activities without these important people. Freshman David Czapp explains more, “What a team means to me is when you work all summer, all week long to play and give it your all for 48 minutes. A coach always told me that there is no “I” in team. You have to do your job and count on the man to your left and right to do his job. Once you accomplish that, you can be highly successful at what you do.”

The support systems surrounding the team are equally important. Each football game people come together and participate in the themes that the Student Council chooses. Each supporter will encourage accomplishments and congratulate the players. Every Friday night a big group of students come together and make a student section to support the football team. Senior Sarah Czapp says it best, “So supporting a team means a lot more to me than just the fame or being in a student section! It means cheering on people for what they work hard for every single day. Supporting your team also means a lot to the athletes, it shows people care about their sports and hard work. Especially when the crowd gets loud after an accomplishment you had, it just is a whole different type of feeling! It’s so much fun and I hope everyone comes to support one another!”

Lastly, Spring Grove sportsmanship is taught early – and with good reason. This makes for a great team and successful young adults in the future. All it takes is a simple help up or a high five to support one another. Some players even congratulate other teams on their success even when they don’t win. Coach Michael Klinedinst states, “Football is just a game, but this game can and will teach you many things to succeed in life. How to overcome obstacles and never give up, it will create good work ethics. The more effort you put in, the better your success. In the feeling of being a part of something, a team, a unit, and a family, these lessons can’t and will never be taken from you.”