Week 3 NFL Review

“This past weekend capped off the 3rd week of the 2022 NFL season.”

Gabe Vastardis, Writer

This past weekend capped off the 3rd week of the 2022 NFL season. In a week filled with massive upsets, standout performances, and confusing punts, here is a review of one of the more interesting NFL weeks. 

To kick off the week, the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the run heavy Cleveland Browns in a Thursday Night Football showdown. The Cleveland offense was red hot, especially when star running back Nick Chubb had the ball. Chubb gathered up 23 carries for 113 rushing yards, and one rushing touchdown. Not only did the run game exceed expectations, but the entire offense was on the same page that night, as both wide receiver Amari Cooper and tight end David Njoku were able to find their way into the end zone. Luckily, the Cleveland defense was able to hold the Steelers, and the Browns left the game with a 29-17 win. 

Then, the early slate of games came on Sunday. The big game during the 1:00 collection was the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills shocker. Both teams struggled early, and Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa went down with a concussion, but was able to return to the game in the second half. Throughout this game, Bills quarterback Josh Allen struggled to find his star receiver Stefan Diggs, and the Dolphins secondary proved that they were one of the best defenses in the league, and that many teams should keep an eye on them. By the end of the game, the Dolphins were able to slide their way past the Bills, and secure a 21-19 win. 

The next game in store was a game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Tennessee Titans. Although the Raiders were looking for their first win of the season, Tennessee was not going to give it to them without a challenge. So, they did what has given them the best chance to win, and that’s let Derrick Henry handle the ball. The Titans elite running back finished the game with 20 carries, 5 receptions, 143 scrimmage yards, one touchdown, and was able to spoil the Raiders chances of earning their first win.

In the midst of all of this, the Baltimore Ravens took on the New England Patriots. There were many questions about how Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson would perform this season, after turning down a massive contract from the organization. Lamar shut down every single one of those words, as he torched the Patriots throwing for 218 passing yards and four passing touchdowns, but also relying on his feet and getting 107 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown. The very trustworthy tight end Mark Andrews was also able to gather 8 receptions for 89 yards, and two touchdowns for the Ravens, as they went on to win the game 37-26.

With just a few other games to go in the early slate, the 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles faced the Washington Commanders. The Eagles took control of this game early, and never let their grip slip. They went on to win the game 24-8, which included a stellar offensive performance. Quarterback Jalen Hurts threw for 22 completions in 35 attempts, 340 passing yards and three passing touchdowns. His receivers were also able to shine in this dominating game, with both DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown finding the end zone. 

Along with the big dominating wins, came some shocking upsets. The Jacksonville Jaguars took on a very talented Los Angeles Chargers team, in what many thought should’ve been a blowout. Once the game started, the Chargers were off on every key. Young rising star quarterback Justin Herbert was coming into this game with a rib injury that he had suffered the week before. All game he looked uncomfortable, and wasn’t making the plays he typically does. Along with all of this, offensive tackle Rashawn Slater, a first round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, suffered a torn bicep. So with injuries killing this team, the Jaguars took control. Their offense came out slinging, and former number one overall pick Trevor Lawrence put up one of his best performances yet, as he threw 28/39, 262 passing yards and three passing touchdowns. Not only did the passing game work, but the running game also became useful as the game developed. Running back James Robinson ran for 100 rushing yards in 17 carries, and was able to find the end zone once. The Chargers entered this game as heavy favorites, but exited with a lot to work on, as the Jaguars went on to win 38-10 in a historic performance. 

This was not the only game to end in an upset, because the 0-1-1 Indianapolis Colts were taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in home territory. This game was a defensive showdown the entire game, but when Matt Ryan found an opening in a very rounded Chiefs defense, he fired. Ryan finished the game throwing 27/37, 222 passing yards and two passing touchdowns. The Colts beat the Chiefs 20-17, but there was plenty to cover about this game. As most know, the Chiefs have an incredible team, especially their offense, which includes the duo of former MVP Patrick Mahomes and veteran tight end Travis Kelce. The team has always had a developed team, and has seemed to always be a step ahead of everyone else. Something about this game was different, but it is hard to tell what exactly went on inside their locker room, or what was going on during the game.

During this same Chiefs game, quarterback Patrick Mahomes seemed to have gotten into a very aggressive argument with offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Many watching the game were confused, due to the fact that almost everyone knew the connection that these two have. “Yeah, I think after seeing the video, I see why people thought it’s a bigger deal than it actually was.” Mahomes said this on his weekly show on the 610 Sports Radio the day after this interaction. Mahomes would also add that as an offensive player he simply wants to score, and wanted to take another chance down the field before halftime, but Bieniemy called for a run, which ran out the clock.

After a packed set of games at 1:00, the late slate came along. During which, not much action occurred. The Green Bay Packers took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in what was a defensive battle through and through. The Packers would go on to win this game 14-12, in what could be the last time both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady matchup against one another. Once Sunday night rolled along, many thought the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos would be quite the show, but many were disappointed. Just one touchdown was scored for each team, and the one from the Broncos did not come until much later in the game. Both the teams quarterbacks looked off, which made this yet another defensive showdown. The Broncos won the game 11-10, with Jonas Griffith making the game winning interception.