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Hispanic Heritage Month at Spring Grove Area High School


Photo Credit: Jaelyn Tucker

Jaelyn Tucker, Design Editor

The week of September 26-30th, the IAC in Spring Grove Area High School hosted a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration that was open to the community and the students of Spring Grove.

The point of celebrating this month was to shed light on the heritage so then people could better understand what the culture is all about and different events that happen within it. Mr. Richards and Senora Baer were very big helpers in setting up the event, but other teachers such as Senora Fluke, Senora Kineer, and other educational departments such as the English, History, and Language department all pitched in ideas and really made the event come together in the end. The whole event took about a month to plan, and had a successful outcome even with the short amount of planning time provided to the team. Senora Baer mentioned, “Yeah I thought it was successful…I know we had a hard time getting groups to commit, but I think it’s just that time of year, it’s the beginning of this year, it’s crazy, it’s fall. But other than that I think it went really, really well.” This wasn’t the only positive outlook on the event. Teachers who brought their classes down to view the events throughout the week also think their classes enjoyed it.

“My level two and my level four students were down for the ESL presentations, and my level four students I think benefited the most from that because they were the ones that were able to understand the most, and they don’t get a whole lot of opportunities to hear someone other than myself speak in Spanish. Level twos were completely overwhelmed…I wanted them to realize that when I speak to them in Spanish it’s very slow, and it’s called teacher talk, you know as opposed to hearing a native speaker, it’s really fast and difficult to understand.” Senora Fluke touched on.

It seemed as though it was a success to teachers and students, and in the future the event will keep getting better and better.