Final Thoughts

Racheal Fadare

Here is a compilation of the seniors’ reflections on some of the highlights of high school, and some of their thoughts about the future.


The Class of 22’ describes their senior year as being:

1. Short
2. Stressful
3. Chaotic
4. Overwhelming
5. Fun
6. Peachy


The Best Moments that the Class of 2022 remembers are:

• The Conga Line at Homecoming
• Homecoming Court
• The various senior nights
• The burnout at the football game
• The random egg hunt
• The three fights in one week during freshman year


When asked
“who is the
funniest person
you know” most students
answered: Me!


When asked if they have “senioritis” students answered:

85% – YES

15% – No!







Many seniors shared
their concerns about
the future like…

  • Failing or being unsuccessful
  • Regretting what they chose to do in life
  • The unknown
  • Being average
  • Being poor


When asked how much growth they’ve had since freshman year students answered:

87.5% – A LOT!

7.5% – A little

5% – None









When asked which year was the best students answered:

66.7% – Senior Year

15.4% – Freshman Year

10.3% – Junior Year

7.6% – Sophomore Year








The Class of 2022 voted that the
Chrysanthemum should be the
class flower.


When asked if they would start high school all over again student answered:

42.5% – No!

35% – Maybe

22.5% – Yes!








When asked who their favorite teacher was there was a three-way tie between Mrs. Hoffnagle, Mrs. Barnes, and Mrs. Grim.

Mrs. Hoffnagle and Mrs. Barnes are also retiring this year and we wish them the very best in retirement! Thank you for your years of service and commitment to our students here at SGAHS! We will miss you!