Case of Monkeypox in Massachusetts

Monkeypox Virus in the US

Scientist+removes+cell+growth+medium+from+a+6%26ndash%3Bwell+plate+in+preparation+for+a+plaque+assay%2C+which+is+a+test+that+allows+scientists+to+count+how+many+flu+virus+particles+%28virions%29+are+in+a+mixture.+Original+image+sourced+from+US+Government+department%3A+Public+Health+Image+Library%2C+Centers+for+Disease+Control+and+Prevention.+Under+US+law+this+image+is+copyright+free%2C+please+credit+the+government+department+whenever+you+can%26rdquo%3B. / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Source)

Scientist removes cell growth medium from a 6–well plate in preparation for a plaque assay, which is a test that allows scientists to count how many flu virus particles (virions) are in a mixture. Original image sourced from US Government department: Public Health Image Library, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Under US law this image is copyright free, please credit the government department whenever you can”.

Racheal Fadare, Writer

A man was reported with a rare case of Monkeypox on Wednesday May 18, in
The unknown man reportedly travelled to Canada recently. Health officials in the U.S
are in contact with European and U.K health officials to investigate the source. It is
suspected that it may be connected to recent, small outbreaks in Europe.
Monkeypox is a virus that originates in animals like rodents or primates. The virus
occasionally jumps to people, but most cases only occur in central and west Africa.
However, for the first time, it is spreading among people who haven’t traveled to Africa.
Jennifer McQuiston, who works for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, says that the case in Massachusetts has not yet been linked to any others.
She also says that this case is the only U.S case in which the CDC is aware of.
The CDC and health officials are not preparing for the possibility of more cases. They
also say that the risk to the general population is very low. “’The U.S. case poses no risk
to the public, and the Massachusetts resident is hospitalized but in good condition,’
officials said.”