China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 Crashed

Plane crashes in mountains


Joseph Balmer, Writer

The China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou when it
had crashed into the mountains. After the initial impact it caught fire. The casualties
are unknown but it is feared that there could be no survivors; the reason for the crash is
still unknown.
Firefighters who first responded to the scene had already put out the flame caused by
the crash. Videos taken by local villagers have gone viral showing large amounts of
debris and the massive smoke pillars and the raging fires from the plane.
Flight tracking shows the plane was only in the air for over an hour and when nearing
the destination the plane mysteriously went down in Wuzhou. The weather in the area is
known to be mixed and especially this time of year as China enters its annual flood
Chinese airlines usually have a good safety record because the last major plane
accident happened over 12 years ago. The air safety and aviation standards have
greatly improved due to a series of accidents in the 90’s. Accidents such as this are very
rare but still have the chance to happen.