Harry’s House Release

Harry Styles is dropping a Brand New Album after 3 Years


Emily Manz, Writer

Harry Styles is dropping a brand new album after 3 years that his second one was back in 2019
called Fine Line. The New album is called Harry’s House. His newest album is being released
on May 20th.
After about a week after the album had been announced, Harry had another surprise; a new
single that was already released on April 1st. Thank goodness it wasn’t an April fools joke.
“As it Was” had been the biggest hit on Spotify. “As it Was” was
the most streamed song in the United states in a single day. It has 8.3 million streams, which
has beaten Olivia Rodrigo’s 8 million streams for her song, “Drivers License.” It had also been
said that the album contains 13 songs, but nothing else had been revealed about it yet.
Other than the release date and the single release, the album art in which the pop star is
scratching his chin and standing on the ceiling of an upside-down living room. Styles had also
been rumored to be having some new music to promote before he starts taking the stage as a
headliner of the Coachella festival April 15th and the 22nd. After Harry Styles had released his
album, he had released a 40-second trailer featuring him walking out onto a theater stage with a
home that was rising behind him. Also the music had been played backwards, which would
most likely be an upcoming song of his new track.