“Buddy the Cat’s” Story

Cat Attacked on Porch in Philadelphia


Kaylee Mejia, Writer

Pennsylvania is home to 12.8 million people and full of many cities and towns. But in one
of Pennsylvania’s most known cities of Philadelphia havoc breaks loose, and people globally
fight for the neighborhood stray “Buddy the Cat”.

Now you may be wondering what is so special about “Buddy”. Well Buddy is a friendly neighborhood cat. He gets along with dogs and kids and
well, everyone. He’s never concerned about them, and when he sees them he continues on
about his day. But on March 24th, this poor cat’s normal custom of remaining relaxed was quickly
disturbed by two unnamed juvenile delinquents of ages 12 and 17.
While lying down on the porch in the city two dogs were being walked by their owners
(who are unnamed due to their minor status) when the dogs began to tug on the leashes. The two teenagers began to slightly
approach Buddy. When they suddenly decided to drop the leashes. The two dogs went towards
the cat and attacked. The boys watched as the two dogs fought innocent Buddy. Until the owner
of the house pushed them all away from revealing the injured cat.

Buddy had scratches and other injuries covering his whole body and was brought to the
SPCA for medical attention. Buddy is making an amazing and shocking recovery needing no
surgeries. Buddy is now on his way to finding a forever home. According to Fox29 the two
juveniles will be charged with animal fighting, felony aggravated animal cruelty and a
conspiracy. As for the two dogs they remain in SPCA custody.

A quick thank you to everyone from all over the world who donated for Buddy’s
cause. But since Buddy is not up for adoption you can adopt under his name at any of your local
animal shelters.