New Dinosaur Discovered: The Spinosaurus


Madisyn Kerr, Writer

As time continues, more and more dinosaur bones are dug up and investigated by paleontologists.
Recently, a new dinosaur has come about with more information. The dinosaur was classified in 2014, but
it was found in 1912 in Egypt. This dinosaur is now called the Spinosaurus.
What’s so interesting about this different species is that it has characteristics that relate to an
aquatic animal. The bones found resemble pulled back nostrils, short back legs, a tail that looks like a fin,
and webbed-like feet. The bones can resemble some extinct and living reptiles such as crocodiles or birds.
The bone density of the dinosaur also leads to information such as how the high density shows that the
dinosaur may have adapted to aquatic characteristics. On average, the Spinosaurus can be up to 49 feet in
length. What’s extraordinary about that is that it can be larger than a Tyrannosaurusrex, one of the biggest
and deadliest dinosaurs to exist.
The Spinosaurus also would have been able to swim and hunt in the water. Due to its structure
and build, it most likely lived on the waterside due to its bone density. A study shows that it most likely
did not swim at deeper depths but hunted from above and towards the surface of the water. It is also
shown that it couldn’t have been a fast swimmer because of its extremely large tail, but with its massive
size, it would have no issue hunting for fish and other foods.
The Spinosaurus is still being discovered to this day, but the new major takeaway is that it is
found to be one of the largest dinosaurs to have the ability to swim underwater, making the discoveries to
this species continuously changing.