Alaska Faces High Water


Madisyn Kerr, Writer

Currently in Alaska, the water surrounding the state is increasingly becoming abnormally high.
The rise in temperature is due to climate change and this issue is causing a problem with the
residents’ food and jobs.
The oceans temperatures have gone up by 10 degrees Fahrenheit since 2010. The warmth of the
water has brought out algal blooms which are toxic to the wildlife in the ocean. The temperatures and
toxicity have caused many marine animals to die, such as seals and whales.
This major loss of animals has affected many workers’ jobs with hunting these animals to bring in
income. The drastic decrease in marine life will continue to grow if the temperature of the water is not
resolved. This then sets back Alaskan residents with bringing in food but also money for their businesses
and families.
Many other regions around the world have been dealing with the same crisis, but Alaska is in a
worse position because of the atmospheric patterns affecting the sea and land. The warming has sent
hotter winds towards the Bering Sea, causing a melting of the ice. The melting ice then causes the ocean
water temperature to increase above a seasonal average.
All of these issues in Alaska are due to global warming. Scientists have revealed that this issue
won’t go away and the conditions will continue to get worse if changes to the global warming issue
doesn’t begin to come through.