Senior Wrestlers at Spring Grove

Senior Year is “Bittersweet” according to SG Senior Ivan Vega

Racheal Fadare, Writer

Spring Grove Wrestling seniors went against Dallastown and celebrated their senior
night on Thursday January, 21 2022.

Some seniors were interviewed and spoke on their goals for the future, thoughts about
senior year, and gave advice to younger students.

Paige Costello commented on her senior year, saying “it’s going by way too fast.” She
wishes there was more of an opportunity for girls wrestling in her earlier high school
years. Costello’s advice to underclassmen was for them to “have fun, don’t stress, [and] do
your work.”

Brady Baker spoke about his goals for his senior year of wrestling: “guiding my team to
the championship, getting better, [and] getting 100 wins.” Brady also says he would like to
help his teammates get better every day.

Logan Herbst also commented on his senior year of wrestling, and said “it’s going really
fast. [It’s] a really good season, but I want it to go into the postseason.” He says that on
Spring Grove’s wrestling team “everyone feels like family” and it is the closest team
he’s ever had.

Justin Lachnit said that he loves “…being part of something bigger than myself [and] it’s
not always about going out on the mat. The wrestling program has taught me some
good life skills,” Lachnit says. He is glad his senior year is almost over and “it’s time to
start making a difference and join the workforce.”

Brady Shaffer says that he is “ready to get out of school.” He is also “…ready to put the
work in” for this wrestling season.

Ivan Vega said that the Spring Grove wrestling team was “a great opportunity [and] four
years of hard work.” Vega is “going to miss the team, going to miss the boys.” He also
states that his senior year is “bittersweet.”

Chloe Meyering’s advice to younger students is to “get 8 hours of sleep, keep your
focus on your future, take on everything with sports, and appreciate teammates.” Chloe
says “I’m prepared for my future but not ready to be done with high school.”

Spring Grove’s wrestling program leaves as big of an imprint on the students as the athletes leave on the program.