COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Information

Sophia Fontana, Writer

The booster vaccine is a third dosage of the COVID vaccine and is said to help prevent more
outbreak and infection. It is recommended to receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, but
Johnson & Johnson still can be received.
Dosages of these vaccines have already shown positive results of improving the current
crisis if everyone gets the vaccine to stop the spread. The booster has been proven to be 90%
effective against stopping the Omicron variant. The CDC says you should receive the booster
vaccine at least five months after your first two doses.
Everyone above the age of 12 can receive the booster vaccine from Pfizer. Anyone
above the age of 18 can receive the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots.
If you wish to schedule an appointment for the vaccine you can go to the CDC website
or call your local pharmacy or medical center to set up an appointment. Another way to
schedule is to search or call 1-800-232-0233 to find locations.
If you still have questions go to the CDC website and you may find answers to your