Starting Later Could Allow Students to Get Ahead

Elijah Christian, Writer

Schools should start at a later time to allow students to get more sleep. When students are well
rested they tend to focus better in class and have better grades. There are several studies by
scientists that say that students that are well rested have better grades. There are also other
benefits to more sleep for students than students that get very little sleep.
When a student gets a full eight hours of sleep they have better grades and are able to focus in
class. Their mood is more positive and their work ethic improves a lot. They don’t take naps in
classes because they are well rested. Those students don’t have to rely on coffee or energy
drinks to stay awake from lack of sleep.
Students that don’t get enough sleep are more likely to be less productive in school. Those
students could also have a job who might work and get off late. They might get home late after
work and have to do things at home taking up more time for sleep. Not only is their sleep
getting interrupted but they stay up late and are sleep deprived.
Being sleep deprived can cause mental and physical stress on a student making school life
challenging. The lack of sleep on a student can make them less motivated and the school work
they get causes stress. There are students who work after school who have homework after
they get off. Depending on the time they get off they have homework to do which could cut into
their sleep time. But allowing them to have that extra hour of sleep could allow the student to be
more productive the next day.