Take Yearbook!

Your Peers would 10/10 Recommend!

Kaylee Mejia, Writer

There are many wonderful classes here in Spring Grove so as to show off our wonderful
yearbook class, I interviewed some of our yearbook staff.

Here is why you should consider joining yearbook next year!

Class rating: 10/10
Presley joined this class because she wanted to discover the design aspects of magazines and
more. She joined her sophomore year and her biggest motivation was the teacher,
Mr. Wisler. Pressley finds this class meaningful, helpful, and can help discover career options.

Class rating 10/10
Kate joined the class because she wanted to have her teacher, Mr.Wisler, all four years of high
school. She joined as a junior. She finds the class simple and fun. She has no plans on
continuing her career with English or designing in this way, but she still enjoys and recommends taking yearbook in high school.

Class Rating: 10/10
Bryan joined the yearbook staff his sophomore year. They find the class difficult but worth it.
Bryan joined to have a fun and interesting class with friends. Bryan plans to continue this class
throughout high school.

Even with mixed motivations and opinions they can still all agree on one thing – recommending the class: 10/10. So with the above
reasons I hope you will consider the yearbook!