The Dunkin – Starbucks Debate

Dunkin or Starbucks?


Madisyn Kerr, Writer

During this day in age, coffee has become a worldwide love for many people, including teenagers
and all the way to the elderly. New coffee shops have come about, making their marks in the world as
time continues. As of today, there are two very popular brands of coffee that stick out the most. Those
chains and brands are Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Both of the coffee chains have evolved as they have become more popular. The first Starbucks
was founded in Washington during 1971. Dunkin’ Donuts was founded 1950 in Massachusetts. Both
companies have been around for a long time, but is one company better than the other?
Dunkin’ Donuts has just about 13,000 different locations spread across the globe, but mostly
stationed in the United States. Each store sells the same products with varying options when it comes to
buying what you want. Dunkin’ Donuts uses original Arabica beans and then processes them to their
specified taste. The store uses the same beans to make their coffee, but makes them differently with
different blends to create different flavors. The store can actually customize up to 25,000 different types
of drinks. They use many different types of flavors such as caramel, vanilla, mocha, blueberry, etc. They
sell many different products as well. They sell their regular hot coffee, many different kinds of iced
coffee, frappuccinos, and their famous doughnuts. The industry thrives in many areas and is popular for
adults wanting a quick breakfast before work or even a place teenagers can go to get inexpensive coffee.

On the other hand, there is Starbucks, a major and very popular company in the coffee industry.
They are known for their endless type of coffee drinks and their amazing seasonal flavors that come out
throughout the year. Starbucks has about 33,000 different locations around the world and the majority of
them are in the United States. The difference between Dunkin and Starbucks is that instead of just using
one kind of coffee bean, they can use a variety of beans that all end up being a different roast with a
different flavor. Starbucks currently sells 24 different kinds of beans in their store and they can be used
while making their coffee as well. The company also has 87,000 different drink combinations possible in
store that can be asked for. Starbucks sells many of their products including beans, but also colorful cups
and mugs with a Starbucks logo. They sell hot coffee, many iced coffees, cold brews, frappuccinos, teas,
lemonades, and many more options. They also sell breakfast and dessert foods. The store is very popular
among all ages and somewhere known to all coffee drinkers.

These two major coffee companies both have their pros and cons, but they both are loved equally.
Either America runs on Dunkin… or maybe even Starbucks.