Taylor Swift Re-releases Explained

Taylor Taking Back Her Music


Sophia Fontana, Writer

Taylor Swift has to re-release and re-record all of her music starting with her self-titled
debut album all the way to Reputation. Taylor had to do this because her old record company
sold all of the master copies to Scooter Braun, who refused to sell them back to her. So instead
Taylor decided to re-release all over old music, but dubbed as “Taylor’s Version”.

It is certainly confusing to wonder how Taylor’s old record company was able to sell her
music. Well when you write music and produce it the music has two copies: the master copy – the
actual recording of the music, and the written copy – the written music and the ability to play this

How come Taylor doesn’t own the master copies? Under her record label deal, the record
label owned all of her master copies, while Taylor still owned all of the written copies. Since
Taylor owned all of the written copies she is able to re-release the music under a different record.
So because Taylor is re-releasing all her music, she made Scooter Braun’s purchase
entirely worthless. If you wish to listen to Taylor Swift’s music make sure it is Lover, Folklore,
Evermore, or Taylor’s Version.