UK Winter Storm Damages Tree Population

Winter Storm Arwen Devastated UK Tree Population


Madisyn Kerr, Writer

During the UK’s winter this season, over 8 million trees have been lost. These trees have fallen
down due to the winter storms passing through Britain. These unpredictable and windy storms are all
from the same outlier- climate change.
Most of these trees have fallen down and been uprooted from the storms. In a park called
Windermere, over 3 tons of trees have fallen over and 5 tons of dirt all brought up from the trees. The
property lost thousands of trees. All of this damage was caused by Arwen, a storm that swept across
Britain with 90mph winds. At one other part of Windemere, over one third of the trees were knocked over
just overnight. Many of those trees were huge, but more importantly, very old. These fallen and broken
trees have been lying awkwardly on the ground, dangerously balancing. These huge trees on the ground
have also put off the ability for the spring plants to grow through because of the dark trees covering lots
of land.
In Scotland, the most trees were damaged and destroyed there. The trees used to be firm, but now
they’re all being torn away. Normally when a storm comes, certain precautions can be made to protect the
trees, but Arwen was unexpected and took down everything in its path. An estimated 8 million trees were
taken down because of the strong winds.
Now that millions of trees have fallen, restoration is on its way. Many people are reporting
damage to areas where trees have been knocked down and helping with the process of planting trees once