Is the Unicorn Going Extinct?

The Saola – “Asian Unicorn” makes Endangered Species List


Kaylee Mejia, Writer

When you were younger did you ever dream about unicorns? Maybe you even wanted
one as a pet. What if you were told that they are real but they don’t look like what you think. What if you were told that they’re only now going extinct?
The Saola also known as the “Asian Unicorn” has made the endangered species list in an
odd way. With the first sighting being in May 1992, few Saola have been spotted since. It is
presumed that there are somewhere between a few dozen and few hundred of these animals left.
The animal has an antelope-like body with brown and white skin and 20 inch long horns.
They live in evergreen forests where it hardly ever dries. This wonder got the nickname “Asian
Unicorn” due to the fact that it is hardly ever seen. In fact there are only three pictures of wild
Saola to date.
The biggest threat to our “unicorns” is a loss of habitat. With forests constantly being
taken down they may not know where to go/live. So in order to keep the Saola and other animals
from going extinct we have to stop tearing down the forest. So is it worth it? Another mall
or hundreds of animals’ lives saved?