Elf in Review

Madisyn Kerr, Writer

Every year, new holiday movies make their way into the theater world. They
can range from romantic mistletoe movies, to humorous classics, to children’s
Christmas movies. These are just a few of the types of movies that came about in
the holiday season, but one that stands out among others is Elf.
Elf is about a human-man, named Buddy, who grew up in the North Pole as
an elf to help Santa with the toy making process. One day, Papa Elf explains to him
that his biological parents are in New York City if he wants to find them. Buddy takes
a long journey from the North Pole all the way to New York City. He sees many of his
first sights along the way and has many of his firsts. Once he finds his father, Walter
Hobbs, he doesn’t seem to understand or appreciate Buddy’s disruptive presence,
so he asks him to leave. While being alone, Buddy finds a toy store and meets a
woman that interests him. He stays in the store until he is no longer allowed to be
there and tries to go back to his father. He gets himself in some trouble along the
way and ends up having to need Walter to help him. Once his father finds out that
his biological son is Buddy, he’s astonished but realizes he must take him in
because it’s his only son. No one understands why he believes himself to be an elf
until the story progresses and eventually everyone finds out that Santa is real and
he needs their help. Walter learns the importance of family and how time with his
loved ones shapes a family dynamic. They also learn that Buddy was speaking the
truth about his past of being an elf and they adjust to loving him and taking him in
as family. Buddy falls in love with Jovi, the woman from the store, and they end up
together by the end of the movie. Buddy’s father also quits his job and starts his
own firm on his own so he can spend more time with his family and have a better
life overall.
This family Christmas film is one of many great Christmas movies, but tops
them all. It provides a humorous story that both children and adults can watch. The
overall plot has many twists, but that just adds to the humor of the movie. Buddy
attacks a fake Santa Clause which then leaves him in jail. His father then has to bail
him out and then they test Buddy to see if he is Hobbs’s son. Buddy is Walter’s son,
so Buddy then stays with Walter because of the child-like mindset he has taken on.
This story is also touching when it comes to the love Buddy gives to everyone. He
tries to prove to Michael that he can be a good brother by trying activities with him
that he finds interesting. Buddy shows his love to Walter and his wife by decorating
their home and watching over the house when they are gone. He proves his love to
Jovi by singing with her, decorating the toy store, and taking her out on a date to
show her all the amazing places he’s seen. The movie ends with suspense through
Santa’s sleigh crashing due to a lack of Christmas spirit everywhere. Buddy and his
family must bring Christmas spirit back to New York before the cops catch Santa
Elf is a great movie to watch over the holidays with just about anyone,
whether it be friends of family. We all know that Will Ferrell wouldn’t let us watch a
movie without laughing.