Fidget School-Ability


Sophia Fontana and Kaylee Mejia

It is often nice to have something to play with while working so you can stay focused. Some
fidgets are often easier to focus with and are less distracting to others in class. Here is our rating of some of the more popular fidget options.


Bendeez Rocket Pride Fidget
Class playability: 7/10
The Rocket Pride fidget is fun to play with and good for class. It’s a quiet blue wire toy so
it doesn’t cause any distractions, but if you let go of it you can swing it across the room and/or
hit other students, which is why I give it a 7/10 for in class usage.



The Jointed Fidget
Class playability: 4/10
The Jointed fidget is not one of the best fidgets to play with in class. The popping of it can
be loud and distracting. It is also easy to pinch yourself with the jointed fidget because of all of the
joints. Although the jointed fidget is nice to mindlessly use in class, it can also easily become

The Pineapple fidget
Class playability 5/10
The pineapple is a great pop-it. Though it is loud, it is fun to play with. Half of the pop-it is
quiet but the other half is very noisy. The individual pop it pieces are small and if pushed through
hard enough, easily breakable. Along with a hard base, one of the most beloved fidgets only gets
a 5/10.

Avocado Pop-it
Class playability 4/10
The avocado pop-it can be loud if popped on the right side. The fidget is also quite hard
to just use mindlessly in class while you work. The pop-it is also quite large so it takes up precious desk space when working.

Mesh and Marble fidget
Class playability 10/10
This is the perfect class fidget. It is quiet and doesn’t require a lot of attention. It’s a mesh fidget
with a fun marble and isn’t a distraction. It makes no noise and even when it falls it is very quiet.

Perfect fidget for class.

The Slinky Ring
Class Playability: 9/10
This is an amazing fidget for class because it is not loud and perfect for those who fidget with their rings. Quiet
and fun – the only reason it’s not a 10 is because of its bouncy essence if it wasn’t able to bounce
it would 100 percent be a 10/10.

Class Playability: 3/10
The slinky is nice to mindlessly use, but it can easily become a distraction or be used to
hurt someone.

Blue and Purple Pop-it

Class Playability: 9/10
The pop-it is quite small so it is easy to use in class. The pop-it makes it very easy to
use while working. The only reason it could be used as an distraction is sometimes it can make
noise if on the right side.

Interloping rings
Class playability 5/10
The rings require attention to play with as when you aren’t paying attention they can get stuck.
Since they’re not loud though they get 5/10.

Game Controller

Class Playability : 2/10
The controller can often be loud and distracting, and the buttons on the side don’t even work like
they are supposed to. The moveable stick is also hard to move around. To play with the
controller you have to be looking at the controller. Although it is small and easy to just use one
hand with, the cons outweigh the pros with this fidget.

Infinity Cube
Class playability 8/10
The Infinity Cube is a simple fidget that doesn’t require too much attention, but sometimes can
be a little loud, if flipped around aggressively or quickly. Since it’s really fun to play with it gets an 8/10.