Fidgets in School


Joseph Balmer

I believe that fidgets can be a very useful learning tool for
certain students and if they are used correctly. For example some people take
advantage of the fidgets and use them just as toys and distract themselves from
learning entirely, they are not being used effectively. For some students they can be
beneficial and it helps them pay attention more closely, but the majority of the students that use
them just distract themselves and other students.

I believe that they shouldn’t be used in schools; if students need them to work more
effectively they can tell the teacher and students can gain access to learning tools but
most of the time they’re being used poorly and are a major hindrance to learning. Only
certain types of fidgets and learning tools should be used and not just random toys that
can be classified as “fidgets” that would distract students. Some fidgets make loud
noises, which makes it harder for others to listen. It also distracts the person who’s
using it. In class, kids could fool around and not pay attention and use the fidgets under
their desk when the teachers aren’t watching.

Fidgets are supposed to help students focus more but they are only further distracting
them from schoolwork. They aren’t just distracting the students using them but the
students around them are also distracted. They could also be incorrectly used to just
blatantly be used as toys. Fidgets should not be allowed in classes because they are a
hindrance to learning and only further distract students.