Classic Halloween Movie Review

Classic Halloween Movie Review

Sophia Fontana, Writer

There are tons of classic Halloween movies, like Corpse Bride, Nightmare before Christmas, Clue, and Hocus Pocus. These movies are great classics to cuddle up with your favorite candy and watch on a dark and stormy night. These all time classics are perfect for a Halloween marathon.

A stop motion classic is Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride is the story of Victor, who in the beginning of the movie is engaged to Victoria, but ends up accidentally engaged to the dead bride Emily. Aspen Hack says “It was a good movie. I enjoyed the plot and would recommend it to a friend.”

Another gorgeous stop motion is Nightmare Before Christmas. In the Nightmare before Christmas it tells the story of Jack the Pumpkin King, who rules Halloween, and he finds Christmas and he tries to take it over. Sally, who is a resident of Halloween Town, tries to stop him before he ruins Christmas. Amberle Meckley says “It was cool, I liked the plot and when it was done it was just all around interesting.”

Taking a step away from the stop motion films and into a classic board game turned movie, Clue. Clue follows the characters from the classic board game, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Miss White, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, and Mr. Green, as we try to solve a who-done-it mystery. Sophia Fontana says, “Love the different ending, amazing game too.”

Now we could not talk about Halloween classics without mentioning Hocus Pocus. The ever so popular Hocus Pocus starts off with Sanderson Sisters as they steal the youth from a young girl in the town of Salem, but they are caught and killed. Later on they are brought back to life and other residents of Salem are obligated to stop them. Hailey Graff calls it “An iconic original.”